new creation + eager expectation + a name unlike any other

why did God create the world? because God creates for His glory.
why does God continue the work of regeneration, of new creation, in our hearts? because God creates for His glory.
why can we long for the promised new creation to come with eager hope & expectation? because God always creates for His glory.

& what is good for His glory is good for us.

we don't glorify God by improving or adding to His glory, we glorify Him by seeing, loving, & showing His glory. we can magnify the Lord’s glory like a telescope, not a microscope. microscopes make small things look bigger than they are. telescopes make unimaginably grand things look more like what they really are. our lives are to be telescopes for the glory of God, a conduit of exaltation & magnification, helping others see Him & find satisfaction in Him for all that He is.

this is why the universe exists. this is why you exist. this is why the new creation will exist. to know, to love, & to show His glory. “the doctrine of creation logically demands worship,” Spurgeon once urged. “as a tree is known by its fruit, it proves itself to be true. those who were created by command are under command to adore their Creator. the voice which said, ‘let them be,’ now says, ‘let them praise.’”

throughout the whole of Scripture there is a language that is full of expectation & anticipation of the glory that has yet to be revealed, the glory that finally storms the scene in Revelation 21. we as Christ followers living in light of the promise of what's to come, join with creation in eager expectation, in groaning, in waiting for the final revelation. like the encouragement offered to our heritage before us, we will not lose sight of hope. for His name alone is excellent. His name alone deserves to be exalted in our praise, exalted in worth. there is no one like Yahweh, none that could be compared to Him for even a moment. He deserves the monopoly of our praise forever.

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