three lessons learned in the Haitian bush:

one: children in every corner of the world love the game little sally walker. that + the macarena. you're welcome, Haiti, for educating your youth on such an important & spiritual issue. & well, I'm sorry, Haiti, for the headache you probably have from 30+ little voices constantly singing it. 

two: ministry is more than just holding hands & kissing babies. (this might be a duh, but bear with me.) don't get me wrong, holding hands & kissing babies are my two favorite things to do. but if we are going to tell people about Jesus, they need to be alive -- & a hug won't necessarily save their life. but a trained, professional medical team who can bind up wounds and pull teeth and provide medicine will. & in so doing, they can shower their patients in the live-giving love of the Rescuer with both their actions & their words. does this mean I think only trained professionals should go on mission trips? no, not really. I am the layest of laypeople who specializes only in holding babies, taking ok pictures, and teaching girls how to sassy walk in a circle (see lesson one). my point here is that there are many aspects to ministry and they are all deeply needed. isn't it the best that He uses His hodgepodge of people to spread His good news?! goodness, I love Him.  

three: Jesus will be glorified in His timing. I like to think I'm passionate about the advancement of the gospel. that is, of course, until Jesus shows me a glimpse into how much He cares for the advancement of His gospel. good gracious, the love He has for His glory, His Bride, and His gospel setting up permanent residence in our hearts blows my mind. yall, He is so good to His kids & He is so passionate about His glory. & as much as I want to see Him glorified now, I can be completely confident in the promise that He will glorify Himself, in His timing & through His way. 


Gennean said...

Friend, I love everything about this post. Praise God that He uses anyone from any place with any career and any passions (all of which He is intentionally given us) to do His Kingdom work and love His people.

Javed said...

“You really know your stuff... Keep up the good work!”
ld hardas