Let's talk about sanctification.

For starters, can we just say that in the moment sanctification sucks? Because that's what I'm thinking. You see, when Jesus, the love of your life, shows you an area of your heart that you have not fully given over to Him... it stings. When Jesus exposes rotting flesh in your heart that you now have to work to remove, scraping off the scales... it stinks. & when Jesus opens your eyes to strongholds in your life (ones you THOUGHT you already overcame) & shows you that they are untouched, or barely touched, by the gospel... it hurts.

If there's one thing I have been learning lately it is this: sanctification is anything but pretty, but it is so very holy.

If we're being honest, there's nothing pretty about half-loves, strongholds, or rotting flesh caked on your heart. But there is something absolutely stunning about a Savior who is jealous for you, has the power to break every chain, & can bring dead things to life.

& hallelujah, this is the Jesus I serve! He is not one that is detoured by my imperfections & stench of death. But instead He embraces me tightly & whispers This is going to hurt right now, but hold on, because it will make you look more like Me. I serve One that loves me enough to not leave me in the muck & mire He found me in. & now I am buoyed up & carried on by a Life greater than my own.


Kristin Eldridge said...

And then you get married.

And sanctification is like x 10. LOL.

Alison Holcomb said...

praying for you, friend! it's going to be worth it. xo.

ashley said...

bahahaha I agree with Kristin, so true!

Natalie said...

Echoing every word you wrote here Rylie. I think the hardest part about sanctification for me is just how slow it goes sometimes... it's totally frustrating at times.

Javed said...

“You really know your stuff... Keep up the good work!”
ld hardas