Let's talk about life.

This picture, because.... I couldn't resist.
If we went out for coffee it would probably go something like this:

I'd probably run into the coffee shop five minutes late because, let's be real, I'm practically late for everything. I'd also look like I just ran a marathon but, alas, I did not... it's just my natural glow these days.

With the biggest smile ever I'd tell you I'm getting things ready for Nicaragua because, oh yeah, I'm leaving two weeks from today. I'd wish time would allow me to tell you how God has been so faithful in planning this trip & working out EVERY SINGLE DETAIL. I'd probably tell you that I'm nervous & super expectant to see how the Lord is going to use this trip, because it will be so very different from the previous two.

You might venture to ask how I'm feeling in this season of life... to which I wouldn't have a very put-together answer. You see, this season of my life is one marked by the Lord's faithfulness. I cannot begin to tell you of all the times He's been working & answering & guiding these past few months. & that makes me so joyful, it's ridiculous... However, this is also a season that is moving way too quickly. like, for real. (It was August, I blinked, & next thing I know it's almost Thanksgiving. What the heck.) ...But no matter, I could not stop telling you that the Father is good & that His plans are always a bajillion & eight times better than mine. I would probably start crying, but through tears encourage you to trust this Jesus, because He's never failed & He won't stop now.


So, yea. I'm two weeks away from going back to Nicaragua. For those of you that might have questions, I've answered a few below. If you have any other questions about this or anything else, feel free to email me!

Why Nicaragua? Well, why not Nicaragua? There are people there that need Jesus & I know Jesus -- so it works out very nicely.

Three times in one year? That's ridiculous. AMEN, SISTAGURLFRIEND. It is super ridiculous. Sometimes (like, in the past week) I get a mini panic attack thinking of the fact that I'm missing Thanksgiving with my family to be back in Nicaragua. & that brings on a whole other mess of emotions... But here's the deal: when Jesus calls, I want to be obedient... whether or not that looks ridiculous to the world (or if it fits in MY plan) should be none of my concern.

So, when are you going to just move down there? The short answer is: never. Unless the Lord moves drastically in my heart & mind, I don't see myself ever living in Nica. :)


Aimee said...

you are an inspiration and encouragement to me. thank you :) xoxo

ashley said...

oh my!!! I'm so beyond ecstatic for you. I'm also grateful for this post, the encouragement to trust God and that He is faithful needs to be my anchor right now.