Why her?

Upon entering the gates of House of Hope, I was surprised at the overwhelming peace I felt… But at the same time, there was this heavy emotion that I couldn't seem shake. Kelly (a member of the team) walked up beside me & gave words to this feeling. She said, "Just look at how beautiful they all are… I can't help but think, why her?"

 When you're standing in a sea of women who have lived through things you can't even begin to comprehend; when you realize that you're looking into the eyes of a child whom the outside world refers to as merely a statistic, the only logical question is, why her? Why was she the one that was lured in by empty promises? Why was she the one that was sold by her mother, simply for the profit? Why was she the one that was used by her father, brothers, uncles, and now, other men that see her as nothing more than damaged goods? A thousand times over, why her?

 & let me tell you, in that moment it is so easy to be overwhelmed with hopelessness. It is so easy to become angry, at God & at their situations. Because when you're holding her hand, when you're playing with her children, you can no longer ignore her or deem her unworthy of your time. Because she now has a face, a name, a story. & in a very tangible way, you have identified with her… You start to realize that these women are not "dirty prostitutes" but rather image bearers, beloved daughters who have been adopted into the family, coheirs with us & with Christ. As it says in 1 Peter 2, they are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for His own possession. They are holy & blameless & spotless before the Father through Jesus Christ, as are we. Because the same blood that covers their sins, covers ours. There is no difference.

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ashley said...

"Because the same blood that covers their sins, covers ours. There is no difference."

captivating words.