Everything sad will come untrue.

A few months ago, I met a woman named Jackie. Jackie was a school teacher & had four children. & everything in her life was going well. Until one day, her husband left her. She quickly realized she was running out of options & resources. In desperation, she turned to a man. He was nice enough, & promised to help her by lending her some money... The equivalent of $75. But because this man charged such an outrageous amount for interest, Jackie found herself growing deeper into a debt she could never pay off... He soon offered her a spot at his brothel down the street. Before she knew it, she was caught in the grip of slavery commonly known as forced prostitution. She found herself working most nights in the local brothel, selling herself for as little as $8.00 a night. With tears in her eyes, she said she could have never imagined herself ending up like this. She said that she loved her children & just wanted what was best for them. 

 So often we think prostitutes ask for that lifestyle, when in fact, most of them are enslaved. Right now there are 27 million people that are living in slavery worldwide. This includes domestic servitude, forced labor, forced prostitution & sex trafficking. Approximately $32 billion is generated from commercial sexual exploitation, yearly. & two children per minute are sold into this veiled commodity. So, my question is: what makes someone worthy of being free? Because our sinful tendency is to shrink back & ignore this issue, because they just don’t seem valuable. They don’t seem worthy of making free...

But oh the depths of His love, that He would reach past Jackie's situation (& my judgement) & bring total redemption. Jackie now lives in a safe home while she is attending classes, learning more about her Redeemer, & saving money to one day buy her family a new house.

Watching people invite Jesus into the broken places of their hearts, & seeing Him faithfully meet them there, is a beauty my eyes will never grow tired of seeing.

Nothing’s too hard to be softened by Jesus. Nothing’s too wrong to be made right. 
Everything sad will become untrue. He turns everything dark into light.

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Jessica Malouff said...

Such an eye opener, so true. By God's grace we are healed.