Not Forgotten.

Image & story via ESTHER HAVENS.
His tiny, broke body sat crumbled on the hospital corridor floor. Doctors & nurses shuffled past with little awareness of the listless body. His skin was tinged yellow & his breathing audibly hindered. Despite his mother's abandonment, baby Moses was not forgotten by God. One day, a doctor took notice & contacted BABY WATOTO, a home for abandoned babies, in downtown Kampala, Uganda.

Today, three years later, Moses is a bright & active little boy, full of life & always seeking a new adventure. He graduated from Baby Watoto into a WATOTO VILLAGE, where he now lives with a housemother & seven siblings. Moses was given the nickname "Doctor Moses" in honor of the man who saved his life. Maybe he'll become real doctor someday.

But no matter what profession he chooses, he will always know of God's abundant love for him.

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