"But my God is bigger than that. & He wants to set the captives free." 

As I was sitting in a church and watching the horrors of sex trafficking flash on the screen, those where the last words I wanted to hear. In my sinful flesh, I wanted revenge. Taking the innocence away from women & children -- & making a profit off of it -- is something only a monster would do... Right? I mean, traffickers are filthy & anything but worthy of His love...not to mention the men who pay to have sex with six year olds.

Then I heard a whisper, are you anything worthy of My love?

I'm so quick to judge & condemn... But I often forget, these men are enslaved too. They are caught by the lawless one & are being used by him in this dominion of darkness. & as the man on the screen -- who had been a trafficker for eleven years -- shared his testimony of how the Lord captured his heart & changed his life, I didn't know what to think. It's as though I forgot that Jesus died for the unrighteous, the rebellious, the disobedient, the arrogant, & the sinful... I being chief among them.

Oh, that He would break my heart for the lost & hurting... no matter who they might be. Because He is bigger than their situation. & He is worthy of their praise.


Jovita said...

Absolutely right, Rylee. Who are we to judge when we ourselves have been forgiven so much? Thank you for this beautiful reminder.

Pretty lady said...

this has been on my mind as well. I rejoice that you're found in that same place as well, "Oh, that He would break my heart for the lost & hurting... no matter who they might be."

amen amen.