What if we could stop sexual exploitation by discipling middle school boys?

There is hope. All it takes is one generation investing in the next generation for the tide to turn on sexual exploitation. We can do for the next generation what wasn’t done for us.

 Discipleship is life replication - and it’s Jesus’ method for growth in his kingdom. When we spend time with Jesus, the overflow of nutrition we receive from him transfers to the people we’re in relationship with. His freedom is gifted to us, then we gift it to the people we know and love. Progressively, our responses to our fleshly desires begin to shift and strongholds collapse. Chains break. Bars of iron are broken.

 When you’re broken free, transfer what you’ve received from God to the next generation. It’s that simple, and it ought to be our primary model for dealing with all forms of human injustice - sexual exploitation included.