For the one.

"The miracle of adoption is that another woman carried my baby and I give new inheritance to her family line." - Sara

"This is the stage you realize God can put a vicious fight in you for a kid without your blood coursing through his veins." - Jen Hatmaker

Jesus stopped for me. A lowly, rebellious, disobedient child.  He looked past my imperfections and my mistakes. He looked past my shame and my ignorance. & He looked upon me with love. He had a vicious fight in Him... for me, a disconnected sinner. He picked me up out of my fallenness, wrapped me in His arms, and now forever I am His.

If I am going to give my life to knowing Him and making Him known, then I must stop for the one. Loving the weak and forgotten isn't a suggestion -- it's a requirement. It's something we can't take lightly.

May He put that same vicious fight in me. May I see myself in the hurting, forgotten, and hopeless. May I be ever willing to fight for what is His.

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Gennean said...

The Lord literally broke my heart over adoption this morning (more than He has before). We truly are called the love the orphaned and widowed... We need to do it!