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Hi. I am Rachel Leos. I blog at equipoleos and my husband and I are currently in the process of adopting two littles from Uganda. A fun (and slightly embarrassing) fact: I just turned 30 and my friends and family have recently turned to calling me "grandma," as I have been crazily canning local produce and like to sew my own clothes. My mom keeps saying she doesn't understand how I went from being a total prepster, to a hippy. I just like to have fun, and sewing and canning (our pantry is becoming overcome with jam and pickled goods) is definitely fun, and my husband is a laid back soul and the creative type (he taught me to sew ... don't tell him I told you), so I think it has just rubbed off.
I also have an etsy shop, twenty 9 freckles that I started to raise money for our adoption and it has become something that I am really excited about for the future (there is currently a major brand/re-design happening ... yay!). I also have to admit, I started out the year with good intentions of doing one project from Pinterest each month, and sewing one item of clothing for myself each month, but life, the adoption wait, and general busyness has definitely gotten the best of me. So when I told my husband that I was supposed to blog today about a craft, he gently reminded me I haven't crafted for a while (he does keep trying to retire from canning though ... can't lose the good help though :) ).
 So, I totally blew it this week (and for the last month) on the crafting front. But I do have one of our favorite summer recipes to bring you instead. It is an oldie but goodie, and we love making these at home and especially in the hot Dallas summers. An orange julius!!!

2 cups Orange Juice
2 tablespoons instant vanilla pudding mix
1 tablespoon dream whip
10-12 ice cubes

Blend together the orange juice, instant pudding mix and dream whip.  After blending these ingredients, add in ice cubes and mix until smooth and creamy. It is important that you blend the dream whip and pudding with the orange juice before you add the ice, to let the dream whip work its magic, but if you forget, it still tastes delicious.


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Grace said...

What a fun flashback for me. I loved going to the mall as a kid and getting an Orange Julius. Thanks for sharing - will definitely give this a try this weekend.

And Rachel, that is such a stunning photo of you! Love!