"People who follow Jesus, though, are no longer typical -- God is constantly inviting them into a life that moves away from typical. Even if they have normal jobs, live in normal houses, and drive normal cars, they're just not the same anymore." -Bob Goff   

Honestly, this is something I've been wrestling with these past few days. When I think of being atypical, I think of going to the ends of the earth. I think of adopting tons of kids. I think of individuals joining with the Lord, paving the way to freedom ....I don't think of a student. I don't think of someone who lives comfortably in America. I don't think of me. 

I'm learning, however slowly, that God is not limited by my circumstances. He will change and mold me wherever I am. I don't have to wait or prepare to "move away from typical." I can do that now, where I am and with what I've been given. 


Chelsea girl said...

Good reminder. I feel the same way in my stage of life (newlywed grad student living in a college town surrounded by wheat fields). It's not so much about the details but about your heart and surrendering everything--whatever that means for you at the time--to God.

Brit said...

Hello. I am a new follower of your blog. I am currently reading the book, Live Dead. It is incredible & challenging. One of the missionaries who wrote the book discussed how modern Christians struggle between the idea of selling everything we own & traveling to the ends of the earth or staying in the land of milk and honey to share Jesus here. (I struggle with that). Instead today I am reminded of Matthew 6:25 & that Jesus wants us to stop worrying & fall into freedom, right where we are in life. God knows the season we are in. Enjoyed your post today.

Katie Cook said...

Riley! Just found your blog and am so thankful:) Thank you for sharing these words today! My husband and I wrestle a lot about what it looks like to live Kingdom Values in our lives. When we got married we moved into a immigrant community in our home of california, and God has been challenging us so much about what this looks like. The journey and the discovery is so good. Thanks for sharing! Excited to start following you girl, love Katie

Katie said...

Hello! Just got your note about stopping by our LIFTED Uganda blog (thanks for the sweet words) and so here i am on yours!! Um...just two words for all you've posted, your values, your blog......LOVE IT!!! Great to meet you and i look forward to checking in on your world!
Peace and Joy,
Kt B

Pretty lady said...

Oh Rylie, I love your blog oh so much! The Lord is not bound by us at all.