Turmeric, your new best friend.

Let me introduce you to your new best friend -- Turmeric.  

Not only does turmeric help with pain and inflammation (it works great during that time of the month as well), it gives you glowing skin. Glowing. It has worked wonders on my face AND has cleared any and all blemishes. I'm a believer. 

Is the glowing skin not enough for you? Well, it has crazy anticancer properties... Especially for those who suffer from/are prone to colon cancer.

Typically you'll find turmeric to look like little umpa-lumpa fingers, but if you get the pills it isn't as bad. The gel pills are a bit more expensive -- I got a package of 30 capsules for $20 -- but, they are concentrated, so you'll get more of the good stuff. And they don't taste. Thank goodness. 

Try some and let me know what you think. I'm definitely hooked. 

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Pretty lady said...

I'm compelled to try this!!!!!!!
I'm all about vitamins, herbs and all that jazz so this is the first time I hear about tumeric. What brand do you get the pills??

jennifer blair said...

Yes, Turmeric will be my new best friend!!! I too want to know where to find it in pill form!!!!