Faith to give.

"There is never going to be a day when I stand before God and He looks at me and says, 'I wish you would have kept more for yourself.' 
I am confident that He will take care of me." - David Platt

The Lord gave His everything to me… to the widow… to the orphan… to the refugee. He lavished us with His unconditional love. He paid the price. He made a way. He became personal.

He bids me to come and die… to deny myself… to take up my cross and follow Him. He deserves my everything. He demands my everything. He wants me, too, to give my all. I hear Him calling, I see His hand at work.

Am I ready to step out, and put my faith to action? Am I ready to give until it hurts, and then give some more? Am I ready to give everything (EVERYTHING) for Him and His glory? Am I ready to see what a life of abandon looks like for me? Am I ready to make it personal? ...My answer is yes. To whatever He says, may my answer be yes.

"I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love." -Mother Teresa 


Christin said...

I needed to hear this today, thanks for the reminder :)

jennifer blair said...

Both of those quotes are some of my favorites! :)