"Adoption in God’s mind was not Plan B. He predestined us for adoption before the creation of the world. Plan A was not lots of children who never sin and never need to be redeemed. Plan A was creation, fall, redemption, adoption so that the full range of God’s glory and mercy and grace could be known by his adopted children. Adoption was not second best. It was planned from 
the beginning." -John Piper.

Sometimes, I get frustrated with all of the injustice.
Sometimes, I get overwhelmed with all that I want to do.
Sometimes, I just want to act now... not in a few years, but right. stinkin. now.

...And then I come across things like Elijah's Hope
Elijah's Hope is an organization through which you can adopt children through prayer.
They are real kids, living in orphanages around the world. You get their information and story, you get updates, you even get lists of mission trips that are going to be visiting your baby's home. 

I have a little girl. I can't show you her picture, but I can tell you that she's a gorgeous little chinese baby. And she's all mine... Until she gets adopted, then I guess I'll have to share. :)

Adoption is the Lord's heart. And even if it's not physical adoption, we must follow in the footsteps of our Savior.


Emily said...

love, love, LOVE this!!! my husband and i adopted our baby girl two years ago and it has changed our world. i have always had a close relationship to Jesus since being a small child, but until our daughter was placed into our arms that day, i didn't fully understand the love that God gave us when He adopted us into His family. I get it now....i really get it. Because i can't explain the overwhelming love that filled my heart IMMEDIATELY for this precious baby girl that was placed in my arms. to know that God feels that same love for US, even more, is an incredible thing.

Jenny said...

I love this!!! I feel this way sometimes...overwhelmed by the need and the injustice in this world. I feel incapable of making a difference and become paralyzed into inaction. This is a perfect solution for anyone...right where they are!! Thank you for sharing!!!