Kony 2012

I love that Africa (and especially Uganda) is on so many people's minds today as I see  everywhere.
I encourage you to watch the video below and become educated of the situation.
But, I also encourage you to not let this video be your only source of information.
Invisible Children is a good organization, but their finances aren't exactly... ideal.

We are at a crucial point in history... And we must do something now.
I only pray that this generation will step out of her comfort zone and truly be His hands and feet.

"Social justice without the Gospel message is no justice at all. what if we all focused less on being heroes and more on getting the good news of the love of Jesus Christ to the people of East Africa and the world." -Katie Davis.


Laney Ellen said...

thank you for sharing that information about kony and invisible children. I was watching the video and kept thinking it does need to stop, but without the love of christ, even if you take out one evil man and change the behaviors, how much good will it do? We need to change hearts.. We need to show people jesus to really see change. I just feel like a lot of this effort will be wasted because honestly real change comes from christ. just my personal opinion.

Katie Hufstedler said...

I think this is a very wise and well-put post, Rylie! Obviously there has been much controversy over this video and all, but I agree it is a good thing that it is on people's minds, weather they have solid intentions or not, people are being made aware and this is an opportunity for us to shed light on the situation and show people that JESUS is the great savior, and only in His name and by His power can anything good be done. Also- thanks for being genuine, I have been getting frustrated by the pride in people that is making africa trendy and the cool thing to be passionate about. LOVE YOU SISTA thanks for being such an encouragement and challenging me and others to love Jesus and His people more!!!!!