Awkward and Awesome Wednesday.

Here is a Wednesday addition of Sydney's "Awkward and Awesome Thursday!" Enjoy!
- When frolicking in a field, it's not good when you suddenly see a parade of cars appear...I'm just going to leave it at that.
- Spilling coffee the one time I ventured to wear a white shirt to school.
- Taking a drink of water, only to have a friend accidentally elbow my water bottle. Yes, it spilt all over my face. Yes, everyone in the general area saw.
- Walking into class with two Starbucks cups. Simply obnoxious.
- The fact that most everything on this list is somehow related to food.

- Watching my great-grandpa see an ultrasound, in action, for the very first time.
- Listening to a six year old sing the Beatles.
- The fantastic stache that graced the face of the worker boy at the store.
- Chocolate. Anything chocolate.
- The Passion 2012 CD.
- Having an Italian waiter call me "miss" with a very thick accent.
- Getting to know Alison, you should get to know her too. She's great.

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