Awareness Week.

“Orphans get us close to God’s heart, this is how He sees us. Adoption gets us close, this is how He brings us into His family. The poor, the beggar, the widow, the prisoner, they get us so close to His heart, these are dear people to Him. But nothing gets us closer than injustice. I think of a Savoir who spent His whole life doing nothing but good - saving, feeding, healing, freeing - dying on a cross like a thief or a murderer. A father, a father who desires good things for His children, a father who could have stopped it at anytime, watched it happen. For me. For you.”  -Katie Davis

Hello all! I just wanted to let you know that this week will look a bit different than normal. There will be guest posts as well as bits and pieces from organizations all speaking on how we can fight modern-day slavery -- mainly human sex trafficking. I really encourage you guys to stick around and read through all of the posts, because trust me, it will be worth it. I pray the Lord draws you to action this week... And that your life will truly be interrupted, because as I quoted earlier, "Compassion is never compassion until your actually get involved, until your life gets interrupted."

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jodi said...

can't wait to read the posts!