10 Ways to Take Action Against Modern-day Slavery.

Once we have opened our hearts to the injustice of modern sex slavery, there is only one response: take action. As long as one person remains in slavery, we are committed to fight it. We refuse to turn a blind eye to this injustice and will not allow it to continue on our watch.

1. Pray
“Thy Kingdom Come.” God has ordained His kingdom to operate in conjunction with human participation. He will avenge our cries and bring speedy justice when we cry out day and night for these women and children. 

2. Compassion
Open your heart. We must open our heart to the plight of the oppressed and allow ourselves to be moved by the things that move the heart of God.

3. Stand in Purity
Lust fuels slavery. Abolition begins with a commitment to personal purity; otherwise, we will find ourselves in partnership with the very spirit that keeps the sex trade booming. Make the purity covenant.

4. Spread The Word
Become informed. Tell others in your sphere of influence about the realities of modern day slavery.

5. Volunteer
Be a servant. Offer your time, talents, and passions to organizations in your community who serve victims of trafficking.

6. Watch
Slavery thrives in shadows. Ask the Lord to shed light on the underworld of trafficking and give you eyes to see. You can play a vital role in keeping watch in your community. To report Human Trafficking call the national hotline at 1-888-3737-888 (National Human Trafficking Resource Center)

7. Reach
Touch one life. Women and children are being sexually exploited in just about every city on earth. If you look for them, you will find them. Whether it’s a woman being sold on the street, or dancing in a strip club; get to know them, love them through their struggles, and believe with them for the full restoration that comes through Christ.

8. Speak Up
Be a voice for the voiceless. Let your voice be heard by contacting local politicians and community leaders about your concern for those victimized in the commercial sex trade. Petition them to implement the Swedish model of combating trafficking and prostitution. Find out more about the Swedish model.

9. Adopt a Child
Who will father the fatherless? 90% of women in domestic prostitution were at one point in the foster care system. Trafficking is an exploitation of vulnerability. Adopting a child who is lost in the foster care system can prevent another young life from slipping into the tentacles of forced prostitution and human trafficking.

10. Invest
Sow into Freedom. Join the abolitionist movement by giving financially to ministries who partner with the heart of Jesus to bring liberty to the captives and healing to the broken.

For more information, visit Exodus Cry's 'Action' page.

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jennifer blair said...

LOVE! Thank you for sharing and being a voice!