Christmas is about giving. 
God gave His only Son to this world to bring us back to Himself. 
Mary gave up her reputation, becoming pregnant and giving birth to the Savior while she was still only engaged.
The wise men gave gifts to baby Jesus.
Jesus gave up His life, and died on a cross to save mankind.

Below is a list of my favorite stores. You know why? Because these stores give.
They give to women trying to overcome poverty, adoption funds, or food and water to orphans.
Check them out, I promise you'll fall in love with all of their products!

"31 Bits Designs," Northern Uganda, empowers vulnerable individuals to rise above poverty though maximizing creative abilities and generating opportunities for sustainable livelihoods.

We provide a job so that women can meet the present needs of their families. We educate them so that they develop beyond the need for outside aid. We provide mentorship to help each lady plan a unique and sustainable career path for the future.

Love is Waiting
Heather opened the store to help raise money for our Ethiopian adoption. Love is Waiting offers a variety of African and adoption inspired products. (By the way, the left a couple days ago to GO GET THEIR SON!) 
Your purchase of a fashionABLE scarf creates sustainable business for women in Africa.  Our commitment as a non-profit is to the development of people — fashionABLE works with women who have been exploited due to the effects of poverty.  So, when you purchase a scarf you are providing jobs, and then we send the profits back to holistically rehabilitate more women. (PS. Their scarves are ADORABLE. I want them all.)

The vision of this movement is two-fold. First, we want to give a voice to the voiceless and oppressed all across the world. We’re depending on you to tell the individual stories that each shirt embodies. Second, the money you spend on the shirt goes directly to fund the specific project that your shirt was inspired by. Each project helps empower the powerless in a sustainable way.
Help us raise awareness of the plight of the children of the world AND provide food, water and medical supplies to a child at the same time.

Each piece of jewelry is made by a hard-working Karimojong woman in Amazima's vocational program.  We know these women and their stories, and we love them deeply. 

Rachel is stay at home mom of one (soon to be two!). She and the hubs are also in the process of adopting. All proceeds from the store go to their adoption fund. 

By the way, if you want a cowl for Christmas, make sure you order by December 11


Svence said...

Thanks for sharing these! Awesome stuff. God is good.

K said...

These look like great organizations! I'm actually studying international development and love learning more about initiatives like the ones you shared especially in Africa where I am hoping to do field work. Thanks!

Jhen.Stark said...

Rylie! You never cease to amaze me! I'm still going to buy from you I have one I asked for for Christmas, but this is an excellent direction for Christmas shopping this year!