Thrifting // NashVegas Style.

While my mom and I were in "NashVegas" we stopped by the cutest little vintage thrift store.
From the strips of fabric hanging in the windows, to the fantastic green couch, it all made my heart go pitter patter... Except for the prices. That seemed to stop my love affair right in its tracks. But hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

Notice the random gal staring back at me... Typical.
Sorry for the dark photos... There was hardly any light in that place.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

PS. Mindy Coleman had her baby on the third! Isaac is such a cute little man. Make sure to go over and congratulate them!


Chaucee said...

These photos look great! What a neat place.

christa morris said...

ah! that looks like an awesome store!
i love old vintage shops :)

Kait H. said...

nashvegas! I'm moving there soon :)

love these pictures! the thrifting there is incredible! I LOVE IT!

She Said... said...

wow... looks like so much fun! I love thrifting!