i. Kisses From Katie

September 2, 2008
Ordinary people.

He chose Moses. He chose David. He chose Peter and Paul. He chose me. He chose you. Common people. Simple people. People with nothing special about them. Nothing special except they said yes. They obeyed. They took the task God assigned then and they did it. They didn't always do it well, but they said yes, and with His help the did it anyway.

Extraordinary tasks.

Moses was a murderer, a shepherd just trying to mind his own business and move on with his life wen he watched a bush watch fire and not burn up. God wanted to use him to lead His chosen people out of Egypt. Moses was a human and told God that He had the wrong guy. Moses wasn't an eloquent speaker, and he was afraid. But he said yes, and God used him anyways. The Red Sea parted, bread fell from Heaven, and people believed.

David was a shepherd boy, pretty much the runt of the litter,the very last thought in his father's mind, ad despised by his bothers. God wanted to use him to be the new great King of Israel. Though everyone doubted and watched in horror, David said yes, and God used him anyway. Little David used a stone to take down the giant Philistine. The Philistines were defeated, and though David continued to make mistakes, God used him to make Israel a great nation and relay His words to many people.

Mary was a peasant girl, probably a teenager, getting ready to marry a local carpenter. God wanted to use her to carry His Son, hope for all mankind, into the world. She asked the angel, "Why me?" and "How?" Ultimately, though, she surrendered herself to His well. She said yes, and God used her anyway. A baby was born who transformed the world then, and still does today.

Paul was a young man who made it his goal to destroy Christianity, dragging believers to prison and even killing them. Dog wanted to use him to proclaim His name to the Gentiles all over the world. Paul had a violent history and initially other believers were afraid. But he said yes, he fearlessly proclaimed the Gospel, and God used him anyway. Paul performed and witnessed miracles, wrote close to half of the Bible, and spread the Good News all over the world.

- Kisses From Katie.
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Vivi said...

obedience xx thank you for sharing this!
huggs & blessings x


Cassidy Robinson said...

Thank you for sharing this excerpt from the book! I need to read it! I love that God used the ordinary to do extraordinary things. :)

♥ CheChe said...

so very thankful that God used the everyday folk to do the impossible for Him.