ICA's 5k.

If you follow me on twitter you have heard me talking a lot about International Crisis Aid's third annual 5k... Well, this past weekend it happened! It was so amazing... The people there are just fantastic. 

There were 147 white balloons released -- each one in honor of a girl who has been set free and healed thanks to ICA.
 And then there was one oversized red balloon released -- in remembrance of all the women and girls still out there in need of rescue. 

Yep. She's the coolest great grandma EVER.

To learn more about ICA visit their website at www.crisisaid.org.


Alex said...

thats me.... lol. it was great!! couldnt have asked for a better day!

Jennifer said...

So cool. I can't believe I get to go and see them in action in just a few weeks!!!