Guest Post // Elizabeth.

Ladies and gentlemen, with us today is an amazing lady. Ah-mazing. And to make her even cooler, she just got back from Africa. Yes. So, let me introduce you to Miss Elizabeth.
Jambo everyone! That's hello in Swahili!

I'm am so honoured and excited to be doing a guest post for Rylie.

I still have jet lag, so hopefully everything makes sense. :)

I got back from Africa on Saturday morning. Coming home has been a blur. Actually, thinking back, the whole trip was a blur. It went by so fast.

I absolutely LOVED Africa.

I loved everything about it. The people, the culture, the languages, landscapes, the food, and the weather.

One thing that stood out to me the most, is that people have such a heart for the Lord. It was such a joy to experience the strength of their faith. They rely on the Lord for everything, and that is something that we don't do in North America. They have learned to trust for their most basic needs. As North Americans, we have learned to do everything ourselves, and become self sufficient, and learned to not need to trust the Lord, unless its a last resort. One thing that I will be taking home with me, is to learn to trust the Lord first and foremost. God moves when he is our number 1.

I feel like Africa changed me, more than I was hoping to impact people there. I was shown real hospitality, respect, and love. I was shown how to trust the Lord, even in hard times. I was taught what hard work is, and how fantastic living in true community is.

Uganda, and Kenya are two very important countries to me now. I saw things that made me laugh, ponder, worry, or cry. It is a place that has changed my way of thinking, changed my plans for my future (in a good way!), and opened my eyes.

If you are interested in reading more about my trip, and revelations about life, check out my blog!!

Thanks Rylie Renee for the opportunity to post!!

Love Elizabeth!!


SavedthruLove said...

I can't wait to go to Africa! Blessed to have heard what an impact the african Land had on you!



Anonymous said...

This is great. God bless you on your journey!

Anonymous said...

<3 my sister went to Africa for 2 months. And she absolutely loved it.
God is good. loved reading it!