Guest Post -- We three Pilgrims.

Hey readers! I'm Paige from we three pilgrims.  Rylie has given me the privilege of writing a little guest post while she is traveling, and I want to share some of my tips for great thrifting success.

There are so many good things about thrifting, and I don't just mean buying vintage (although vintage, as well all know, can be fantastic). Here are some recent finds from my local Goodwill:

Be really systematic, thorough, and patient when you go thrifting, and go often. Look in basically every department. I buy vintage sheets to use for linens and fabric (they make fantastic summer blouses and skirts), drapes to use as bag fabrics, crocheted blankets to keep us warm in the winter, glasses, plates, and vases, belts and sometimes shoes, wire baskets to organize my sewing supplies, wall art, furniture, and of course, clothes for the whole family. The thing about thrifting, especially with clothes, is that you have to be willing to wade through alot of junk to find some gems. BUT it is totally worth it to furnish and decorate your eclectic home, and tailor your wardrobe to your own unique taste, at cheap prices.

When shopping for clothes, don't be constrained to look only in your size. I usually walk slowly down the aisles and look for colors, patterns, fits and fabrics that catch my eye. I am looking for fabrics that won't pile with wear, shrink funny, and aren't damaged. I usually save buying basics (things like white undershirts or an oversized grey t-shirt) to buy new, because they don't last long anyway. Sometimes, though, you can find brand new clothes with the tags still attached at Goodwill and America's Thrift. If you know how to sew, you can put your seamstress skills to good use by buying clothes that have an outdated fit and tailoring them to your preference. 

I think one of the best things about shopping for clothes at the thrift is that you don't have to continue the cycle of buying clothes at inflated prices, while the workers who made them get paid less than pennies on the dollar. You can fight back against waste and consumerism, and when you shop at Goodwill (as well as some other stores), you are supporting an organization that provides jobs to people with disabilities. You get the added benefit of buying and wearing cute clothes for cheap. And finding vintage treasures is always awesome.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you'll come visit me in my own little corner! Take care--


el Trev said...

great post! i can't wait for my next trip to the thrift.

Jhen.Stark said...

excellent guest poster Rylie! And Paige LOVE LOVE LOVE your tips and pictures!

Emily Hambelton said...

Really great tips and I love what you said about fighting against waste!