My bags are packed and I'm Kentucky bound!!
I will be back in a week. Try not to have too much fun without me, okay?
And guess what... You will have some MAHVALOUS posts to read while I'm away. Ohh yeah, I hooked you up.


But there is some sad news... I will be missing this little boy's birthday.
He's turning six. SIX! And that is a serious milestone -- because you can no longer show people how old you are using only one hand... Two hands are required. So congrats, Eli, you are now entering manhood.
 (By looking at that stache one could think that he has already entered manhood... nope. I guess he's just an early bloomer.)


Ryan said...

That is the coolest boy I have ever seen... keep it real EZ Money!

SavedthruLove said...

have fun in KENTUCKY girl :).




Jennifer said...

Ah, that first photo is so cute! Your little brother is a doll too! Have fun at camp!

kristine said...

Found your blog via Freckled Nest! (:

You've got a great line-up of posts so far, and I've looked through your old posts as well - a new follower for sure!

Hope you have a lovely time!