How to spot one of those darn bloggers.

Hey guys! I'm so sorry it has been so long, I've been out of town this weekend.
Anyways. Here is a cute post from the Pugly Pixel.

But stick around. Tomorrow I will post some pictures from the neatest antique store I've been to. It was unbelievable. I guess it added to the experience that every time you would put your foot down the floor would give a little and your heart would skip a beat thinking you were going to fall through the floor... And who knows where you'd end up in that place. Super sketchy. 

  • Looks like a tourist. Usually carries multiple cameras. Takes same photo multiple times with different cameras.
  • Takes forever to eat. Photographs food and drink constantly, sometimes after every bite.
  • Sometimes kinda shameless and photographs self willingly.
    Blogger == life tourist.


Jennifer said...

Bahahaha...I love this. Sometimes, I feel kinda funny about taking pictures of stuff like food...haha. Never thought I'd say this...but...I am one of those darn bloggers! :)

Bethany G said...

Thank you for the blog love!! ;)
Loving your blog too!
And this post is great... I'm TOTALLY one of those darn bloggers!
Also, I was looking at some of your old posts & you have inspired me to go do some major thrift store shopping! You've found some ADORABLE stuff!!

SavedthruLove said...

wow soooo TRUE. That really describes me to a TEE despite the whole camera part. Mainly because I have no camera. ha ha. And I take forever to eat and I am always thinking of great angles to photograph my food. hahahah

god bless darlin



Kara @ Just1Step said...

This is awesome and so true. :)
Just found you through faith blogs. (Fellow faith blogger here.) Will have to start checking you out more regularly. :)

jodi said...

hahaha, i love it!

Nicole Egerer said...

That is too funny! My husband often times comes into the room while I am taking pics of any random object over and over again to get it 'just right' :)

I love how you put it: blogger = life tourist. How true!!

Thanks for sharing,