{diy: fishtail braid}

Hi everyone! This is Mindy from colemansinlove, guest blogging for Rylie this weekend.

This is my first time as a guest blogger & I am SO excited about it :)

I'm sure everyone has been seeing lots of beautiful braids popping up all over magazines & blogs the past year or so, so today I thought I'd show you all how to do a fishtail braid. I didn't know how to do them until recently & they're so much fun! They take a little more patience than a normal braid, but they are a bit more dainty looking too, so I thought a tutorial would be fun!

One thing I've found in the past few weeks is that fishtail, or plaited braid does work best on longer, or less layere

d hair. That being said, you can definitely still get this look with shorter hair. You may just have to play around & figure out how it works best. Right now for me, they work best in pigtails, but I'm showing you below how to do a single braid.

no. 1

part your hair into two even sections

no. 2

take a small piece from the back of your first section & pull it over like you would with a normal braid, adding it to your second section of hair & get a good grip on both sections again, like in picture no. 1

no. 3

repeat for your second section - pull a small piece of hair over & add it to the other section.

this takes a little bit of juggling, at first {as you can see from my hands in the above pictures!} but don't give up!

you can tell from the pictures, but my hair is really layered right now, so my braids are pretty tiny.

one more tip - to get a really intricate braid use really small sections of hair. the larger sections you use, the more it will just look like a normal braid.

have fun! let me know if you all were able to follow the tutorial alright {or not!}

& thanks Rylie for asking me to fill in for you today!


Becca said...

love this tutorial. thanks

Jennifer said...

Love this! I did this braid today too!

Jennifer said...
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magdalena viktoria said...

I know it's probably explained very well but I still don't get it. Will try to get my friend to help me later ;)

mj { a r c h i ♥s m a r y - j a n e } said...

I want to try this.

Marli and Memory said...

very cute braid! maybe i can try it soon. =)
you're a cutie too. =)

Jhen.Stark said...

I have no idea how to braid hair at all... but I might just try this!