Okay, I admit it... I'm addicted.

There, I said it. I'm officially addicted to thrifting.
You see, I sort of told myself that I wouldn't buy anything else for a while... But it didn't last long.
Bad Rylie.

While I go seek counseling, check out my new goodies. :)

Matching strawberry tins. -- $3.00 (each).
Though they are meant for a kitchen, they are happily sitting on my blue shelf.

Plum flats with flowerssss. -- $6.00
(Unworn, may I remind you... Tags and all.)
PS. Jeans are thrifted too -- $5.00.

Another $0.25 record. (Insert angelic "Hallelujah!")

And (even though it's a total oxymoron) I wanted to share with you The Difference Project from Jennifer Blair.
This girl has a heart of gold.
You should click on the picture below (or a link above) and go over to her blog and tell her how awesome she is.



Charlotte said...

Ahhh, what an addiction!!!

LOVE the flats!


Katie said...

oh, the cuteness abounds in this post. I want your flats. so cute!

Laura said...

What great finds! If you're addicted to shopping at least it's thrifting - the cheapest, most unique, and most eco-friendly kind!

Stacey said...

Oh I love love love the flats!

SavedthruLove said...

glad to see your addiction isn't running you into debt at least :). Try and go looking without actually purchasing something next time and instead buy a nice cheap lunch or something afterwards. That way you don't buy any excess stuff and you get the satisfaction of ending your shopping day with a purchase! hahaha I don't know. Or just keep cultivating it if it isn't a serious issue.
Love your blogs layout btw. Did you change it? I can't get my background image to cover the whole page. It is quite annoying. Any pointers??


Amylou said...

You have so many wonderful finds! I love those canisters!
And I love when you can find brand new flats at the thrift store!

Krysta said...

The strawberry canisters are darling! How do you score all of these deals?

Lauren Thomas said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my bloggy blog today!

I love the flats. Like for real, love them!

elizabeth said...

I love the strawberry tins!! Thrift stores are my favorite!!

Jennifer said...

Aw. Girl, you are just to sweet! There is nothing bad about thrifting! It's a very good talent to have! And boy, did you find some great stuff!