This is how Silas says bye.
Kisses you as you leave.
Isn't it sweet?

Well, I'm going to be  gone for a few days... It's spring break and I'm going out to the farm! (my great grandparents house).

Have a great few days.
I'll miss you. Really.



Katie said...

we'll miss you too! hope you have a good vacation. :)

Jennifer said...

Haha. What a little sweetie! Have fun Rylie. I will be looking forward to your photos from the trip!

Kelsey said...

have a great time!!! enjoy your spring break :)

SavedthruLove said...

Aww. A farm getaway sounds quite amazing. Peace and comfort comes to mind. I pray that is what you will have with your grandparents girl.


p.s. that baby is so adorable. ahh!

Emily said...

Such sweetness. have a great getaway!

Yazzie♥ said...

Hello, :)

Thank You! And I know... it's been a while.


LCR said...

how sweet is this!?
oh, and your photos are awesome:)

I V Y said...

naaaaw cute aha.
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