The Corner.

(Ignore the two different colors on my walls.)
It has the type writer seen here.
The trunk seen here.
And a really cute vintage chair I found down in the basement. (Gotta love my mom's old photography props!)

Check out this $0.25 record.
These things are the best.


Katie said...

I really love your typewriter.

SavedthruLove said...

so precious... I like that typewriter a lot! Have you been able to use it??


Krysta said...


Ashley said...

Hi! I'm new here....and I'm LOVING your awesome blog. I think I'll stick around for awhile, k?

mj said...


thanks for finding my blog:) i love your blog.

Kristin Joy Eldridge said...

Rylie...Could you be cuter?

everyone calls me bon bon said...

I love old typewriters and trunks! I've been on the hunt for both:-) xoxo