A little reminder...

(Click to enlarge.)

PS. Check out my new camera strap! It's actually my great grandpa's... So not entirely new, but new to me. :)

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Jennifer said...

What a great reminder!

Have fun with your new toy!

Jordan said...

Thanks so much for sharing that verse! ^_^
love your strap!

have a lovely day!

Deanna said...

Such a cute camera strap. And I LOVE psalm! Great verse.

<3 Deanna

Candice said...

Such cute photos and your new camera strap is fab! You are so beautiful, Rylie!; I love the photo of you that your mom took! :) Have a most wonderful weekend! xoxo

Becca said...

yay for the bible verse!
and I love your little camera strap- awesome!!!

Amylou said...

pretty verse photo!

Lovely camera strap. Was it for a guitar originally?

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

Thanks for visiting my bog!

I love that camera strap!

A girl with a smile said...

love that camera strap