Quilts are the best.
I'm just a bit obsessed with these beauties.

For Christmas my mom, her mom, and her mom's mom all gave me quilts {Three generations. Yes, I know and have a great relationship with my great grandma. (I have three sets of great grandparents still alive and young, by the way.)}.

First picture is one of the one my grandma got me.
It's green and really warm.

The second quilt {third picture} is the one my mom got me.
They are scraps of fabric, all different, that an old lady with wrinkly fingers put together. Love.

The last quilt is the one my great grandma gave me.
It is the softest one.
I love them. A lot. :)
Happy Sunday.


Sandy a la Mode said...

hello!! just found your blog and it is super cute! i LOVE the quilt with all those different colored fabrics!! it's beautiful!!!

arielle said...

i love both of your blogs! your kids are adorable too :)

blessings to you!


morgan. said...

oh goodness, im in love with:
-your blog.
-your love for God.
-your name; gorgeous.

Krysta said...

What a beautiful little blog you have, yourself! I love the quilts!

amylou said...

these are so lovely!