Kisses from Katie.

Read this, multiple times over.
See what God says to you.

"I don't know much, but I am learning, and God is showing me this: I beg Him to bring me close to His heart. Orphans get us close, this is how He sees us. Adoption gets us close, this is how He brings us into His family. The poor, the widow, the prisoner, the beggar, they get us so close to His heart, these people are dear to Him. But nothing gets us closer than injustice.... And then I think of a Savior, who spent His whole life doing nothing but good - saving and healing and feeding and helping - dying on a cross like a thief or a murderer. A Father, a Father who desires good things for His children even more than I want good things for mine, a Father who could have stopped it at any time, watched it happen. For me. For you. And I weep at the injustice of it. And I think that while NO part of me wants to be here, not at all, this is where I asked to be. Closer and closer and closer to His heart. He knows this pain... And so while I still cry and beat my fists on the floor, I find comfort in that, and ask to be closer still."
I love this woman, and her blog.
She is so open and raw, it's beautiful.
{from here.}

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Katie Hufstedler said...

My favorite blog to read :) it's always so humbling! She's great!! Thanks for sharing!!! love you :)