Fun with old books, pt 2.

-Glue Gun
-Styrofoam Cone
-Old pages from a book
-A Toothpick
-Glue stick
-Card stock

Step one:
On a piece of paper {about two to three inches long} cut little flaps.

Step two:
Take a pencil, or anything round really, and roll the pieces of paper.

So they look like this:

Step three:
Hot glue the top of the strip, place around the cone.
Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Step four:
Once you are done gluing the strips, cut a circle to cover the top.

Step five:
Cut a star out of card stock.

Step six:
Glue a toothpick onto one side.

Step seven:
Using a glue sick, glue both sides of the star. Sprinkle glitter over the star.

Step eight:
Once the star has been "glitter-a-tizes," push the end of the toothpick into the top of the cone.
{We used scissors to help us get it down.}

This took a spotlight place on the mantle.

Ps. look to the right of the Christmas tree... here is a close up of yours truly at age six.

It is me, Moe, and Larry. {Curly and Shemp were not thought of yet... ;) }

Hope you like it.
PPS. If you like it, you will love the little blog that my mom and I are going to have starting Jan. fifth. It will be filled with DIY's, house projects, and funny stories of living with the five boys {my dad included. ;) }


Jazzie Shea said...

What a cute idea! I can't wait for the new blog!

Mandy said...

Very cute! You are so creative!

Mandy said...

I posted your DIY today! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Thanks again!


amylou said...

Found you through Mandy's blog!
This tree is awesome! What a great DIY.

p.s. I also think it is super cool that you love Jesus too!
Count me as a new follower!

Kacie said...

i wish i saw this before christmas!! next year i'll have to try it :)

Katrina Gelino said...

I am totally going to do this next year! I'm a total craft junkie. Thanks for the post!