DIY-Days 'till Christmas.

Christmas is coming! :)

And why use boring paper ring thing to count down the days when you can use pine cones?
Uhu, you can't think of an answer... just what I thought.
So here is a super quick, super easy [and cute.] way to count down until Christmas!

Pine cones
A little helper [optional.]

Step one:
Count out pine cones, one per day. I did this on Dec, 3, so I had my little helper count out 22 pine cones.

Step two:
Cut twine into varying sizes. Tie the string on the beginning hook of the pine cone.

Step three:
Cut one big long piece of string, and one by one, tie the little pieces of string onto the big one.

Step four:
Hang it on the wall, and call it a day.
Told you it was easy.
Also, it is fun for the little helper to practice his counting every day while counting the pine cones. :)
Hope you like it!


Mandy said...

This is beautiful! How creative! I am so sorry for not replying to your e-mail yet... I am waiting for my laundry to dry and trying to catch up on some blogging like a mad woman. My computer is broken for the time being... (I am on my parents computer) but I will email you back as soon as I get it fixed!


Laura Keller said...

This is such a cute idea! I love that it serves as an advent calendar of sorts, counting down the days to Christmas, but it's subtle and looks like a beautiful decorative element all on it's own. And I love that it uses natural materials that can be found in the backyard. Thanks for sharing this delightful idea!