Meet Sheldon.
He's a really round pumpkin.
He's super cute, too.
You may be asking, 'why is she so enthralled with a pumpkin?" let me explain...
My friend and i are going to:
a]carve him out to look even cuter.
b] use his guts to make pumpkin spice lattes!! yum.

for all you pumpkin spice lovers... let me share the recipe i found here. :)
1 cup milk (i used pumpkin spice SILK)
2 tablespoons pumpkin puree (i would use more since my milk was slightly pumpkin flavored)
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1/8 cup espresso or 1/4 cup REALLY strong coffee (use more if you want a strong coffee flavor)

In a glass jar with lid, combine milk, pumpkin puree, and sugar. Shake vigorously until slightly foamy, and microwave for one minute. Shake again, and microwave again. Repeat until foamy and hot. Add vanilla extract. Pour into mug, with a spoon holding back the foam. add espresso. Then top with the foam. Voila!

[note: i copy and pasted it from her blog to mine, she explained it really well.]

yes, I do name my pumpkins and then eat them. :)


Katie Hufstedler said...

:) im glad sheldon the belgian is being put to good use. have fun guys!! those sound quite delicious.

Anonymous said...

haha rylie, i love this post! i am so excited to carve the pumpkin and make lattes :) i love you!