Human trafficking and the Gospel.

What About the Men?
"We stand on the corner and watch a red Ford pickup coast by. The driver eyes us and spots our yellow outreach bags – no, we are not available for purchase. He doesn’t give up. He loops through the city streets and passes us another four times before he spots a girl and picks her up just a few blocks away. He’s not the only man out tonight. In fact, there just aren’t enough girls on the street to meet the demand and we realize this war is bigger than we imagined.
Meanwhile, another man sits in his van and watches everything. He’s in perfect position to make sure his girls don’t get distracted and stop working. If they talk to us they might miss opportunities to take a date. One girl walks by; she has a black eye, and we can tell she wants to stop, but he’s watching and she can’t risk it for fear of the violence that might await her. We know that we need to reach the girls and offer them hope. But someone must reach the men. Who will it be?"

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Mandy said...

Wow that is incredible. I am going to be praying for her ministry to flourish!