Dear Silas.

Dear Silas,
I thought it would be fun to make a list of things you like [and dislike] at almost 3 months old...

things you like:
anything having to do with mamma.
and more mama.
[occasionally sis... depends on the mood.]

things you dislike:
not being held by mamma.
not smelling mamma.
not being near mamma.
not hearing mamma's voice.
pretty much everything that isn't mamma.

BUT just you wait, Silas... in three months from now you will like us.[hopefully.] :)

*add swing to the list of dislikes...

PS. thanks so much to Mandy [www.mandysuzannereid.blogspot.com] for mentioning me in a post of hers... God sure works in crazy ways. :)

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Anonymous said...

i really love that.