5 things.

1. this verse. [i know i've shared it before, but i just LOVE it.]
click to enlarge.

2. this song. so awesome.
[sorry, it's a crummy video, but the music is really good.]

3. the sun. i love it a lot.
sierra is cool.

5. this quote.
"146. Picture a child with that number pinned on her shirt. That is what she is to the man that walks in the door to purchase her for the hour or maybe the night. Does that make you sick? What if this little girl was your daughter? Fathers, get angry. This is a tragic reality to children who are no different from your own daughters.
Sometimes when I think about this horrible injustice that goes on all over the world, the easiest thing to do is push it aside and go about my happy little life. It is so profoundly sad what these little girls are enduring. It hurts if you go to the place in your heart that is deep enough to honestly disrupt your life. But is it worth it to go there? It's sick how easy it is to block this mess out of my mind and think I am just one person and I can't do big things. I won't do that though- I can't. It's not fair. These little girls deserve the happy, safe, carefree childhood that I had. These little girls deserve to ride bikes, play soccer, climb on monkey bars and play tag.
They deserve to curl up on their dad's lap at night and fall asleep feeling safe. Picture your favorite childhood memory and take that away. That's not ok. " -Lindsey Hein

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Anonymous said...

dear rylie :)
your pretty cool! and thank you so much for the shout out :) by the way - i love these 5 things :) you are so awesome!