"Destiny could be considered a selfish pursuit. But it isn't.
Destiny is all about God's story-a story that began at Creation and will one day be unfurled in all its amazing dimensions. Into God's story breaks your story, and that is the reason for your destiny. You are no accident, you are no awkward appendage to God's plan; you are an essential component of His purpose in the world.
Because of this, you need to understand your place in the story. And that place is not a secret. Most people-even many Christ-followers -blunder their way through life without ever really tapping into their divine destinies. That is tragic and unnecessary since God is actively speaking to His people all the time. But you have to listen.
After Jesus told stories, He would frequently ask, "Are you listening to Me? Really listening?" To fulfill your destiny, you have to pay attention."
-The New Rebellion Handbook.

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