ever since the first day i saw you [in the hospital... on ur birthday... cause we're family and all] i knew you were going to turn out to be a ninja. and you are. and i love you. and i wrote a poem in ur honor...
"her name is maddie,
she loves her daddy,
she's no fatty.
i love her to death,
sometimes, she even sings under her breath.
she is awesome,
more so than a possum,
and prettier than a new cherry blossom!
she doesn't live in a cave,
she has a brother-in-law named dave,

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Jazzie said...

I was just thinking about doing something like this. But I would not be this creativily (I don't think that's Spelt right, I don't think it's a word either.) odd. I love it though and I know maddie will too!